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Bancsol Corporate Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up that committed its resources and energies to a relatively recent concept – the provision of seamless air-conditioning solutions empowered by solar energy. Ample sunlight and advanced PV panel technology ensure that the founding premise is an ideal fit for India.

In its fundamental role, Bancsol brings considerable experience and expertise to bear in determining optimal solutions to air conditioning requirements. Plant and equipment sourced from reputed OEM’s are assembled and configured before installation and rigorous testing routines are applied. All projects are formally commissioned with warranties and after-sales protocol duly administered.

Bancsol derives operational leadership from its Director of Sales, an industry professional with over 15 years experience in senior management. He has been consistently successful in establishing brands in the UPS, Auto Commercial Battery- SMF-VRLA series and Lead Acid Battery spheres. His experience also covers solar solutions using Opex and Capex models which guarantee up-time in the ATM segment.


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Bancsol applies the theory of system integration to all its solar powered air conditioning projects. This means that post-blueprint, all equipment and machinery including solar panels, solar chargers, solar structures, solar meters and solar inverters are sourced from vetted OEM’s domestically and overseas. These are procured in sizes and capacities to create an optimal fit to the project requirement. Assembly and testing are carried out at Bancsol’s facility before moving to sites for installation.

At the front end of its system integration Bancsol relies on its own proven Air Conditioner – AURIKON


As a means towards establishing ‘proof of concept’ Bancsol’s facility features an assembly line where equipment and material sourced from multiple providers are configured together allowing for convenient research and testing before being despatched in modules to specific sites for installation.

In off-grid situations for Solar AC solutions, batteries with a capacity of 8-12 hours backup are generally indicated. In these instances Bancsol provides Special Gel Service Batteries – SMF-VRLA (imported) and Tubular Batteries (locally sourced) from reputed OEM’s.


  • The bezel and other requisite parts for the indoor and outdoor units are selected from various OEM’s (imported)
  • The main control panel containing the software that integrates the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner is sourced based on specifics issued to OEM’s (Imported)
  • The Solar Photo Voltaic Panels are sourced from OEM’s both local and overseas.
  • The condenser and compressor are sourced from OEM’s based on warranty and service criteria of the unit to be developed.
  • At final integration the air conditioner, panels, charger, controller cables and structure are assembled and tested before installation.


Bancsol derives operational leadership from its Director of Sales, an industry professional with over 15 years experience in senior management.

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