Solar Air Conditioners

Eco friendly air conditioner is becoming a necessity of modern life, which can greatly improve the quality of life for people

Aurikon Solar Air Conditioner (Aurikon) Takes The Solar Energy As The Power Source And Is An Environment Friendly & Energy Saving Product. It Can Help People Enjoy The Air Conditioner Freely And Economically In These Places Which Are Short Of Power Supply Or Face The Problem Of High Electricity Rates.

Aurikon solar air conditioner is integrated with the intelligent control system. Along with the variation of solar radiation, it can automatically increase, decrease or disconnect the backup power like grid, batteries, diesel engine, etc. When there is no solar power available, it can be automatically switched to the backup power

Aurikon solar air conditioner is certied with T3 working standard up to 55°C environment temperature and awarded with Seven Star energy

Technical Features

Aurikon solar air conditioner adopts the Full DC (6D components) and inverter technologies, which greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of the solar air conditioner. Its main technical features are as follows:

  • Low power consumption and high energy saving efficiency

  • Six DC components

  • Variable speed air compressor to achieve the soft start and quick cooling / heating

  • The booster and MPPT controller are integrated together into the solar aurikon controller for offgrid solar air conditioner system
  • Wider working frequency range and DC working voltage range

  • Smooth running with low noise level

  • The working voltage for offgrid solar air conditioner system is 48VDC which is easy to configure the system

  • APP control and power saving indicator are optional & Safety protection arrangements are adopted

Choose Your Solar Air Conditioner

48V Solar Aurikon

Capacity: 9K
Power : 650 W
Solar Power : 300*4pcs

100% Solar Aurikon

Capacity: 9K
Capacity ton : 0.75
Solar Power : 300*4pcs

Hybrid Solar Aurikon

Capacity: 9K
Capacity ton : 0.75
Solar Power : 300*3pcs

Benefits of Solar Air Conditioners

Cost Efficient

Who doesn’t like to save in the long run? You can save more with solar panel installation and solar air conditioners. Many customers find products powered by solar energy are little too pricey. In the long run, the amount of energy your solar AC saves over the years can be tremendous and worth the upfront cost. You will require electrical power to run the AC; you will notice a 50% drop in electricity consumption. Let’s make use of the free energy of the sun!


Consumers can utilize the most eco-friendly power source today with our range of products. With a completely renewable resource, your appliance will not produce any harmful emissions. Besides, the solar panels do not require extensive maintenance. Here, in India, we are blessed with good rains so that the rains will wash and clean your panels. You may have to repair them occasionally, but less than a standard air conditioner goes through.

Easy Maintenance

Solar panels can be maintained easily since there are no moving parts. Inspect for any dirt that may collect on it. A wash of the face of the panels with regular water either the early morning or in the evening is recommended. Contact professional cleaners if you want a more thorough cleaning. Not only is it easy to maintain, but you also enjoy their long lifespan. With proper maintenance, it is guaranteed to last for 20 years.